Using almond oil in your serum will also help you prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth, and impart shine into the hair. So, how do we make a basic hair serum at home? No major transformation or anything, but I will say that I could definitely see and feel how the DIY hair serum got me looking my best, with less of a hassle, and for less money. Read Also – Best Hair Serums For Oily Hair. Argan oil has very high concentrations of vitamins (A, C, and E), antioxidants, linoleic acid, and omega-6 fatty acids, which provide awesome nourishment to our scalp and hair. You can use it on your scalp and lengths and it’s going to leave you with silky, shiny hair. The combo of sweet almond oil, amino acids, and hydrolyzed keratin in this leave-in hair-straightening product are a miracle for dry hair. Does Hair Serum Help Hair Grow? ), and antioxidants, which make it a wonder for our tresses. The oil makes the hair naturally smooth and makes it more manageable, softer and easier to comb. Here is a lowdown on the application process for you (1): How Frequently Should I Use A Serum? It is very important to use a protector before straightening.There are creams, serums and balms on the market that offer protection for hair from the heat of the iron and dryer. Dilute three tablespoons of aloe vera gel with water until you get the serum-like consistency. A head of dull and dry hair is suddenly transformed into a silky smooth mane. If your hair looks good overall, but you are interested in preventing split ends and any damage, apply to the ends of your hairs instead of your whole head. Therefore, it is always better to rely on DIY hair serums that contain all natural ingredients. Additional ingredients vary, depending on your hair. JOJOBA OIL FOR HAIR Jojobs oil is actually a liquid wax. It will leave your hair looking and feeling silky smooth. Flax seed is very good for hair. Rub the required amount of serum in between your palms for 5-6 seconds so that it heats up and offers a uniform application all over the hair. It is full of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins, and manganese, which makes even the most unmanageable hair manageable and gorgeous. As someone who strives to use natural products, I was very happy to make my own serum. 11 shares. Yes, you can. Warm up the mixture a little and apply on the hair thoroughly. Your serum is ready. If you dislike those waves in your hair, go for this excellent hair serum. Now, here are some simple, easy, and extremely nourishing homemade hair serum recipes that will give your locks a fabulous makeover: If dull and lifeless hair is your biggest concern, this homemade hair serum can give you the best solution. A simple recipe for anti-frizz serum involves one key ingredient – castor oil. To get maximum benefits, use it on damp or wet hair preferably after washing with a mild shampoo. As it creates a protective layer surrounding each strand, the hair remains unaffected by heat and humidity. Apply all other hair styling products after applying the serum so that its benefits get locked in the locks. If you've struggled with keeping your wild locks tamed, this all-natural hair mask by Curly Nikki will keep your hair shiny and straight for days. There are multiple products in the market from multiple brands and some of them are also intended for specific hair types. To make the mask to straighten your hair, you will need juice of 1 lemon, I cup coconut milk, 2 tablespoon olive oil and 3 tablespoons of cornstarch. Pour the homemade hair serum into a bottle and use a funnel to prevent spilling. Another good one is avocado oil, which I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with straight hair.

homemade hair serum for straightening

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