My 8 year old male whippet can’t and won’t jump on the couch, climb the stairs, sometimes won’t step down 2 steps to go outside from the house iam having to lift him most of the time. Going up a flight of stairs can seem like an endless obstacle. So for the last 3 months we’ve had to carry her down the stairs. Puppies take the stairs one at a time. Your dog may feel stranded up on the stair, so lure him back down with a treat. Otherwise, the first order of business is obviously relocating all of your pet's belongings to the floor she's staying on. The fear of going up and down stairs can affect puppies, rescues, adults, and senior dogs, and it poses specific challenges for both the dog and their owner. I think that in general, the bigger the dog, the more trouble they have with stairs. Feb 4, 2002 2,311 0 0. Veterinarian's Assistant: I'll do all I can to help. Have your dog practice going up and down the first step over several training sessions. At the top, looking down your dog may be afraid of falling. If you have a smaller pooch who's not in too much pain, you may be able to carry her up and down as needed; ask your vet first, though. I've seen dogs go up and down near vertical "stairs" that are closer to ladders really but with wider steps . The stairs are a common fear for most young puppies. Sep 26, 2002 #10 yeah, I really don't think it'd be that much different from a normal staircase with most dogs. She has free access to the rest of the house, but mainly stays in the room when we are inside. Regardless of the dog’s age or size, there’s always a reason for the trembling, crying, and backing up that happens when faced with a threatening staircase. No there is nothing also look to see if any disloaction there wasnt any Your best bet is to euthanize the dog. My 5 year old shih tzu has never had trouble going up and down the stairs since we taught her when she was a puppy, but suddenly as of a week ago she won't go completely up any set of stairs in the house on her own. At that point, start working on the second step. Do not jerk or drag them up the stairs, as this will establish that stairs are negative or painful. Give your puppy a chance to adjust, if they’re uncertain carry them up or down the stairs until they know it’s safe. Once you have taught your dog to go up the stairs, teaching them down will be easy. Some dogs are afraid of going up and down stairs. Next month she is turning two and I am getting her spayed. Fortunately, you can help your dog get over this fear and go up and down the stairs with confidence. The thing is- My room is on the second floor. Which means we need to go up the stairs to get to it. Of course no one wants to do that. Once they reach the top of the stairs, reward them and carry them back down to the bottom to try again. Dog is shaking won't walk up and down stairs and won't jump. Where I live, I rent a room. When the reverse is true—no problem ascending, but showing unwillingness or pain while descending—the issue is usually with the dog’s elbows or shoulders. [Help] Dog suddenly afraid to go up stairs. The problem stairs. Eventually, your dog should go up and down the first step confidently. That's where my dog sleeps, where she stays mostly. Have you looked to see if there is a wound on their foot? B. bizmark Banned. If your dog can't climb stairs anymore, it's up to you to make things easier on her. Motivate your dog to get back down. This is a fairly common fear or phobia , especially in young dogs who may not have encountered them while they were puppies . Dogs with orthopedic problems—including hips, knees, and hind legs—will have no trouble going down stairs but will show reluctance, struggle, or bunny hop their way back up, Wood says. He or she is in pain, and descending the stairs will increase his suffering as well as endangering your health if you try to carry him. Downstairs.

dog can go down stairs but not up

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