Pay attention to the soles when choosing your irons, even in the longer irons. The M2 irons (4-LW) will sell for $799 with steel REAX HL 88 shafts by FST (S and R flexes) and $899 with M2 REAX graphite shafts (S, R, A, L flexes). The Vice Golf Shoe from Adidas contains ultraboost and a signature lime-green colorway to accent the designs for life both on and off the golf course. I discovered that finding a middle ground grind wise solves the “different wedges for different grass problems” some players find themselves in. I tested the 2017 M2 irons on Trackman under the watchful eye of a TaylorMade fitter. 3-iron 23* LOL! Learn more about each of the new iron designs below. Not only is he a member of the site and visits regularly, but he’s also an avid club nerd and tester. It uses more bounce to help golfers more easily move the club through sand. The M1 name in TaylorMade’s M-Series is synonymous with more compact heads, clubs that serious golfers tend to prefer. Is there so little difference between the m1 and m2 you didnt think it worth mentioning? Both clubs are fairly forgiving. Players can tweak lofts in the irons and wedges easily to adjust to gapping. Speed Pockets in the 4, 5, 6 and 7 irons, which were used in previous iterations to increase ball speeds on off-center hits, were made 20 percent deeper to improve the flexibility of the club faces. Taylormade M2 Tour Irons Review 2017. “Based in Bavaria like Adidas, we have always looked up to this global ambassador and brand that has made big moves in both the golf and footwear in recent years. The following two tabs change content below. The M1 still has some game improvement look to it but the head is more compact and will appeal more to the mid-handicappers who still like a GI-style iron. M2 2016. Sort: A-Z Year ... M2 GEOCOUSTIC 2017-18. Following after the M1 family of woods TaylorMade Golf introduced in late 2015, TaylorMade launched the M2 line of golf clubs in early 2016. However, the stability of the clubhead and shaft have to be there—I could find a combo that’s 20 yards longer, but if it’s something I can’t control, it doesn’t have a place in my bag. As you ponder 2017 M2 vs M4 irons, know that both give you tremendous distance and forgiveness with high ball flight. This was exactly the result I experienced. Compared to the P line of irons, the M1 and M2 look a little more mechanical and less sleek. The M4 irons, with the addition of RIBCOR, help straighten out your shots more so than the 2017 M2 irons. The M1 irons (3-PW) will be available on March 1, 2017, and will come stock with True Temper’s XP95 steel shafts ($999) or Mitsubishi Rayon’s Kuro Kage Silver graphite shafts ($1,199). Extra yardage is fun until it isn’t.”, “I chose the Vokey SM8 M Grind in the 56 and 60, because as the grind spectrum goes, they fall dead in the middle for me but everyone is different. TaylorMade utilized Face Slots and Speed Pockets to maintain flexibility in the face which should increase ball speed on mishit shots. Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD XC 6 X, 3-wood: Ping G425 LST (14.5 degrees) I still rely on testing as much as I can to see what works but it’s the pursuit of knowledge that keeps it all fresh week in and week out. Very few players are going to be torn between the two clubs. Got rid of them? TaylorMade hit a homerun with its original M2 irons and is back with an enhanced model in 2017 that’s offering the same impressive distance and launch along with more forgiveness and a sleeker overall package. M2 … It might be something you never considered.”, “Iron set makeups have changed so much in recent years. There is very little vibration in your hands which will make for a pain-free round no matter where you strike the ball. My blades are “an elegant weapon for a more civilized age”, TM……your face slots were so revolutionary that you got rid of them for a year and now are bringing them back? “Loft for loft” (note: not club for club, as in 5 iron to 5 iron), there isn’t really a major difference that I thought was worth highlighting.
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