I have zoomed your picture and from what I can see it looks more like solid wood. Yours was made in Indonesia in 2012, at the Cort factory there. Home Forums > Squier Discussion Forums > Squier Stratocasters > How much is my Bullet Worth? I would lean towards 75 or 85 quid. Favorite Answer. Now, the Bullet Strat features a 25.5” scale, so those with smaller hands might want to try the short-scale Stratocaster, with its 24” scale, or the Mini Strat, which boasts a 22/75" scale. Your dating is about correct..late 90-91 built by Samick. Squiers really started to make their mark in the 1980s. Since then I have made a few mods. 25 bids. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. The Squier Mini Stratocaster is a … In order not to exclude the needs of families or even individuals with tighter budgets, Fender offers guitars in the Squier range, where instruments are made with slightly less high-end parts or specs in order to offer a lower total price. Great deals on Fender Squier Strat. I had a red Squier when I first started playing at 16, would be great to reminisce whereabouts in the UK are you? Free shipping . It is definitely not worth anything to anyone but me, but I learned a lot and have a decent sounding guitar that plays fairly well. Fender® USA 250L Nickel Plated Steel (.009-.042 Gauges), PN 0730250403 Other Features Slim (42mm) Body Profile, Traditional Strat®; Headstock Shape, White Dot Position Inlays The Squier Affinity series is very popular, thanks to the quality parts used whilst still being reasonably priced.. They’re designed to hit a kind of middle ground between Squier Bullets, which are very much aimed at beginners, and more expensive Fender guitars. The Bullet Strat looks and feels almost exactly like the original Fender Strat including the size of the neck, shape of the body and the use of 3 single-coil pickups. When I get a moment I'll try and do that. Squier certainly thinks so, judging by this new budget, HH-configured Bullet Mustang. A Fender Standard Precision listed for $699 with a case. My grandpa has got a Fender Stratocaster and is very curious about its value. Chris. Does all of this mean that Fender are better than Squier? 1,701. Early 80s Squier basses regularly sell online for $250 - $350 with a case and in great cosmetic and fully playable condition. They were designed for beginners as a first guitar. SQUIER BULLET STRAT, BULLET MINI STRAT V2 and STRAT SS. Both the “IC” and “ICF” prefixes are followed by an eight-digit number, with the first two digits designating the … I'll attach a picture of the back of the guitar as well. Free postage. 1 2 3. It doesn't say bullet on it, no. Well, and it has been played very rarely. Relevance. ... Fender Squier Bullet Strat Electric Guitar! Prices are creeping up on them but when they were chump change people would snap em' up all day for the Tele necks. $229.99. The list price for a JV ‘57 Precision was $369 without a case from 1982 - 1984. The Main Features of Squier Affinity and Bullet. I just recently got into USA Fender Bullet collecting. Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster Hard Tail - Fiesta Red w/ Gig Bag. The serial number is 947066 and hasn't been used in over 20 years and in excellent condition. Sparky or kcbuck will chime in shortly with a Bluebook value for you but keep in mind those features I mentioned, which are not found on most Korean strats in that period. In this Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster Review we’ll take a look at one of the cheapest Squier Strats you can buy. Secondly, swap electronics out for better switches, pots, caps, and output jack. Very good: $90 serial is z6165452. £122.10. All that said, these guitars tend to be worth just a bit more in the UK than they are in the US. If you post a photo of the front of the guitar, we might be able to discern what model it is, and fine-tune that valuation just a bit. Threw on a 3 ply black HSH pickguard, with a black covered ceramic magnet humbucker in the neck. They place great emphasis on affordability through the sourcing of cheaper materials and manufacturing in the Far East. Stand by for a Bluebook value.... [edit]-the S10 is a bit of an oddball for the period because they have Gotoh looking sealed tuners, a full tremolo block, Fender stamped steel saddles and full width string spacing. Squier Bullet Series This was the last Bullet model to feature the Fender name prominently on the headstock, as well as the last Bullet model to be made in the USA. I want to sell my bass guitar, but don't know what kind of price to ask for it. Later, Much cheaper than the last of the Japanese Squiers, making a downgrade in quality inevitable. Hiya, if you are selling the red Squier I would certainly be interested in buying. MF had locking tuners on sale, so it got those, 2 months later they had Tex-Mex pups on sale, so it got those, too. Answer Save. NR!! Crafted in Indonesia s/n ICS 12089032.... How much is my mij squier stratocaster by fender worth? As I said, the necks are quite popular, especially in the UK, and you actually have a better one than most in that time period because it has good sealed tuners. Hi I'm wondering how much my squire is worth, I can't find much info on the serial number mint condition?? If it is a Squier Stratocaster that is on the higher end. Price Guide. The Squier by Fender Bullet Strat is one of the best electric guitars for beginners. 2. I've been studying different models for a few weeks. In keeping with Squier’s other entry-level models, the Bullet Mustang has a basswood body which gives it an incredibly lithe, lightweight feel. It is one of the very first Squier branded basses. 2 bids. Also, I'm selling my first starter guitar as well - it's a fender squier strat (sunburst), with a few markings from old stickers, it was made in China and it's serial number is CY04023426... which I suspect is newer. How much is a BLUE, used, SQUIER BULLET Strat by FENDER worth? Thanks for the help everyone! A Bullet in ok condition w/o a case goes for less than $300 USD. In mid-2009, the prefix was changed to “ICF” on some instruments, indicating that they were made in Indonesia at the Cort factory and were Fender-branded. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Squier Standard Telecaster Review. Free shipping . The Fender Bullet Telecaster was available only in late 1983, with production ending when the remaining stocks of USA-made Bullet necks were used up. Why is this Bullet Strat worth so much Discussion in 'Squier Stratocasters' started by TimTheViking, Nov 6, 2019. Hi, everybody. 1963 is a Pre-CBS guitar. Will a Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch fit my Bullet? They aren't worth much and are often bought just for the neck. Sure you can get cheaper beginner guitars, but overall I think the quality of the Squier Bullet makes for a better learning experience. The serial is T 0... How much is my fender stratocaster worth? Squier is a division of Fender and its Stratocasters are based on Fender models, sharing many of the same design features at super-affordable prices. I'm selling it with a Fender Bullet 15 DSP Amp, a case, a stand and 2 plectrums - I'm selling that for £90 - do you think that is reasonable? Much cheaper than the last of the Japanese Squiers, making a downgrade in quality inevitable. What is a Fender DG-7 model made in USA worth? Here are the main features of the Squier Affinity and Squier Bullet: Squier Affinity. The neck is adequate, so I just sanded off the Squier logo and replaced it with our band's logo. please.. the S10 serial numbers are rather rare and I have been trying to differentiate them from the other models built at or near the same time. Your (sealed) tuners are good quality. Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster Guitar Sunburst RRP£119. The Squier Mini Stratocaster is a … Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > TimTheViking Squier-holic. Ending Dec 6 at 12:38PM PST 5d 5h. I have a red bullet fender squier stratocaster electric guitar, it was made in korea and it's serial number is S1003417 (made in 1991-2 I believe). They are terrible. The Squier Bullet strat is a fantastic example of just how far the famous com… Ending 30 Nov at 9:10PM GMT 23h 50m. Very good: $70 MF had locking tuners on sale, so it got those, 2 months later they had Tex-Mex pups on sale, so it got those, too. Excellent for beginners or for enthusiasts to mod or fool around in. I've purchased three in the past few weeks. All i can tell you about it is, that it's white, made in Japan and its serial number is "SQ09853" pierced in the back. This is one of the oldest JV Squiers. Available in Black or Imperial Blue with a natty metallic finish, this is certainly an attractive little guitar. Discussion in 'Squier Stratocasters' started by SeetherFan97, Aug 25, 2013. For example, a Fender Telecaster is worth more than a Squier Telecaster. or is that too steep? Here's why it may be worth $25k (or more!) Early 80s Squier basses regularly sell online for $250 - $350 with a case and in great cosmetic and fully playable condition. OK, that's a Standard Stratocaster as I suspected. Mint condition: $170 Lastly, I changed the tuners to Grover Mini Rotomatics 6-in-line 18:1 ratio. How much is this worth? The lineup of Squier guitars costs between $130-$450. Hi I have a Squier Stratocaster Japan made Hank Marvin signe... My Squier Bullet Strat doesn't have a serial number. Th... How much is my Squier Fender Made in Korea Serial Number E966454 Worth? SeetherFan97 New Member. Real Nice!!! I had a closer look at the guitar also and the back square cover thing isn't on it anymore and it does actually have 3 chips.... Basically one of my grandma's tenants left it in a cupboard years ago and it's been sitting in a spare room ever since. How much is this worth? Less than 2 year old Squier bullet strat guitar. I would make a point of noting the tuners, Fender stamped saddles and big block tremolo (if it has one) in any promo you use to sell it. … If you are looking for a small-sized guitar for your kids, Squier Bullet … Last edited: Nov 6, 2019. Favorite Answer. If you were looking for info on the Fender-branded '62 Reissue Strats exported from Japan from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s (the FujiGen Gakki Fender MIJs), please follow this link. Fender Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo, Arctic White, Indian Laurel. Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster - Dakota Red. Free shipping. How much is a BLUE, used, SQUIER BULLET Strat by FENDER worth?
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